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We will be out of the shop from February 10th - 28th.  We will continue to take orders and respond to orders daily.  Any orders received starting Feb 1st will be completed after we return.   Please allow an additional 1 -2 weeks beyond our  normal  turnaround time ( 2-3 weeks) to make and mail your order.  Thank you for your patience.

GrizzlyAdams "Grizz" designed a simple yet effective tarp enclosure that provides protection and added storage. The door panels are cut large enough to provide sufficient overlap and still provide a nice size vestibule. All edges are covered with grosgrain and have reinforced corner loops.     

Two Styles in Silnylon .....Hexagon/Cat Cut style and Rectangular tarp style

Colors: Silnylon  - Click here  Dutchwaregear.com for available colors  

Grizz Beak - $45.00 each       

Weight - 6 ozs.

The “Grizz” Beak

For Cat Cut and Rectangular tarps.....Designed for tarps 10’ wide or less

The Grizz beak overlaps the tarp to seal out wind and rain.

Thanks to Cranky Bear for his input and testing. See his review here.

Deployed in vestibule mode

Deployed in straight closure mode

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All accessories are “made to order”. We do not carry an inventory.

After payment is received, please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping.

Now in Cuben Fiber for the Hexagon/Cat Cat tarps      $105 (same size and design as original Sil version)

Weight - 1.8 ozs.

Now in Cuben Fiber for the Hammock Gear Cuben Hex tarp     $85 (designed specifically for the Cuben tarp)

Weight - 1.1 ozs.

See pictures below