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Notice......We will be away from the shop until April 28th. The order page will be turned off until we return. Thank you.

Pole Pocket Colors: Black


Send your tarp to us and we'll sew on Pole pockets, standard or Custom fit  - $15.00 plus return shipping


Sew them on yourself...Buy a Pair of Standard Pole pockets  $16 (includes shipping)



Pole pockets for a Center Pole Mod

Increase your living space by adding a center pole. It opens up the tarp right where you need it most. A pole mod is self contained and requires nothing outside the tarp to deploy. The center pole also helps the tarp shed snow and creates a nice awning when used with hiking poles. Our pole pockets are designed to make it easy to add a center pole.


**Note: We do not provide or cut poles to fit your tarp.**   

I do recommend "Nanolites", Easton aluminum .344 diameter poles  or Carbon Fiber poles available at www.questoutfitters.com or from www.Fibraplex.com


**Note: We do not seam seal the stitching where the ribbon ties are sewn. It must be done by the customer.**


Larger Cat Cut tarps with center tie outs require custom pole pockets....


Contact us for details

Pole bag


Made for 18” poles, the pole bag measures 3” x  20 1/2”. Reinforced bottom and Velcro closure top.

$15.00 (includes shipping)