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The RW Convertible Modification


For the Tree To Tree Trail Gear “Switchback”




The Tree to Tree Trail Gear Switchback RW Convertible  - $35.00 plus return shipping



Description of the RW Convertible modification


This zipper modification idea for the Switchback hammock came to us from "Rip Waverly" and we have named this mod the "RW Convertible" in his honor.


Similar to our Mod #4 for Hennessy’s, two zippers start at the head end of the hammock, one zipper runs down one side and one zipper runs down the other side to the foot end of the hammock. A small storage bag is sewn to the foot end of the hammock for storage of the unzipped netting.


The hammock is completely open and the netting is out of the way until you need it!