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We have met our limit on hammock/tarp modifications for the month of March.

We will not be taking any hammock/tarp mod orders until April.

We are working hard to get caught up on our orders.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipment of accessories.

 Thanks for your patience.

Zipper Modification #2


for Hennessy Classic “Bottom Entry” Hammocks

Hennessy Classic “Bottom Entry” hammock with Zipper Mod #2 Left or Mod #2 Right


$50.00 plus return shipping

To remove the velcro and sew the bottom entry slit closed -  add $10.00

Added weight of zipper mod =  approx. 4.5ozs.


Left or Right

is determined by laying in your hammock on your back.

Please allow 2-3 weeks to complete the zipper Mod after the hammock is received

Description of Mod #2 Left or Mod #2 Right

Two zippers are installed. One on  each side of the hammock. One zipper pull begins at the head end of the hammock and opens the zipper to the short side of the hammock and ends at the tie out patch. Another zipper pull begins at the head end of the hammock and ends at the foot end of the hammock. (Your preference which side gets the full length zipper, please specify when ordering)

On this mod, the unzippered bug netting is rolled up and secured with ribbon ties to the side of the hammock.

Question about which side is best for you? See FAQ’s #18 for our response.