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UnderQuiltProtector in Epsilon Multicam breathable fabric

106” long x 61” wide


8.8 ozs. Gathered end style

9.0 ozs.  Bridge style

Gathered end hammock style UQP   $60.00              Bridge style hammock style UQP  $63.00

Pictured on 11 foot hammock over a 20° Snugfit UQ

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Pictured on 11 foot hammock over a 0° HG Incubator

We have designed an organizer that can be attached to the ridge line with either velcro tab attachment or with a hem sewn at the top. It measures 25" long and 5" high.  It has 4 pockets that measure 6" wide. The material is 1.1 oz. ripstop nylon. There are loops sewn on the ends of both style organizers to attach cording to make prussic knots that will hold the organizer anywhere along the ridge line. The openings at the top can hang on the ridge line facing left or right.


Colors: Black, Gray, Woodland Camo, Olive Brown, Olive Green,

 Royal Blue, No see-um mesh, Argon Camo

4 Pocket version (.4 ozs or less)

Top hemmed $12.00 each     Velcro tabbed $14.00 each

2 pocket version

 Top hemmed $9.00 each      Velcro tabbed $11.00 each


  4 pocket Ridgeline organizer, 2 pkts in netting, 2 pkts in black ripstop

Top hemmed $14.00 each

Velcro tabbed $16.00 each

The UQP will help keep your underquilt clean and is great for helping retain warmth in your underquilt on windy and/or rainy days.


The UQP is designed to cover fit a full length underquilt, not the hammock body.

The protectors have shockcorded side adjusters to snug up the protector to the underquilt.

Each end has ample shockcording to attach to the hammock suspension. UQP’s measure 106” long x 64” wide.


Two styles, one for “gathered end” hammocks and one for “bridge” hammocks.

The bridge style hammock can be used on a gathered end hammock also.

Gathered end hammock style UQP   $35.00                   Bridge hammock style UQP   $38.00


Ripstop Breathable Colors:  Olive Green, Black

weight approx. 6.5 ozs.

Prices for items on this page include shipping in Continental USA.

All accessories are “made to order”. We do not carry an inventory.

After payment is received, please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping.

The Peak storage bag is the answer to storage for your gloves, balaclava, mittens, camp jacket, book, personal protection item or whatever you need to store within easy reach. The Peak bag is made from 1.1 oz. ripstop nylon. It has a hang loop on the top that can be attached to the ridge line using a prussic knot and biner. Loops on each side near the bottom of the peak bag are for fastening it to the hammock body. The bottom opening is shock corded and cord locked.


 Black, Gray, Woodland Camo, Olive Brown, Olive Green,

Argon Camo, No-see-um mesh  

$10.00 each

Ridgeline Organizers  (4-pocket and 2-pocket)

Gear Organizers  (4-pocket and 2-pocket)

Peak Storage Bag

Under Quilt Protectors in Breathable Fabrics


The fabric used for tarp doors, Grizzbeaks, Underquilt Protectors is made from Silnylon 2nds.  Using Silnylon 2nds keeps the cost down. Silnylon 2nds have only slight cosmetic imperfections (or none at all) and does not diminish the integrity of the product.

The four bellows pockets will organize your gear and keep your campsite in order.   The gear pocket organizer is made from 1.9 oz. ripstop and measures 33-1/2" wide x 10" high with four 8" wide x 9" deep pockets and weighs only 1.5 oz.!! Elastic around the top of the bellows pockets keep things from falling out if the wind picks up. Each end of the organizer has a loop for attaching a mini carabiner. It also has a 1/2" sewn in top hem for running a rope through.

Note new design.... The 4 pocket version can be folded in half so there are two pockets on one side and two pockets on the other!!

Thanks to “Pretbek” for the conceptual idea!        

Colors: Black, Woodland Camo, Olive Brown      

$30.00 each


We also offer this organizer in a 2 pocket only version  $20.00 each

LDC Travel Extenders for the Warbonnet net & sock


The extenders add length to the Travel Net and Sock to accommodate longer hammocks. They attach via Omnitape to the Travel Net and Sock. Shock corded and barrel locked closures.

Made of Black Silnylon        

$20.00 per set

Thanks to “LDCakes” who came up with this idea.

UQP shown on an 11 foot Hennessy Explorer covering a HG 0° Incubator UQ

UnderQuiltProtector in Dutchwaregear.com Argon breathable fabric

106” long x 58” wide

Colors: We offer all Dutchware colors available in Argon 90

Camo , Black, Olive Brown, Coyote Brown, Charcoal Grey,

Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple  

Click here to go to the Dutchware site to see colors


 5.4 ozs.    Gathered end style

5.6 ozs.    Bridge style

Gathered end hammock style UQP  $42.00              Bridge hammock style UQP  $45.00

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Pictured on 11 foot hammock over a 20° Snugfit UQ